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Dupatta Styling Techniques

Dupatta Styling Techniques

One of the most underrated, &nbspyet common styling dilemmas that we fall in, the ultimate question of ‘How to Wear your Dupatta?’

Usually, we’re all locked in on what outfit we’ll wear, how we want our hair to be done, and what makeup look goes best with it.

However, how we’ll wear our dupatta never comes to our mind, and despite that, after getting completely ready, we find ourselves standing in front of the mirror, toying with our dupattas for hours until we find the perfect way to style it.

To save ourselves the time and energy of the trial and error of trying out ten thousand different ways of styling a dupatta, we’ve narrowed it down to a few best possible ways to style a dupatta, that’s good to go with various different styles of lehengas or suits.

The Simple Plain Side Pinned Style

It’s clean, simple, hassle-free, and best for people who aren’t usually used to wearing a dupatta. It will stay outside your way and will let your outfit shine through.

This is usually the best way to style for dupattas that are more simple.

The One Side Pinned- One Side Handheld Style

This looks lovely with straight-cut tops, and palazzo pants, gowns or even lehengas. The one side pinned allows you to feel secure, while the hand holding the other side, lets you show off your beautiful dupatta.

 The Waist Band Style

This is usually done with outfits that have a very embellished and statement décolletage or neck area. It makes sure your dupatta is styled beautifully, while still making sure the focus on the beautiful neckline is not sidelined.

The Saree Pallu Style

If you love the look of a saree, but don’t want to have the hassle of wearing one. Then this is the best way for you to style your dupatta.

These are meant to be used with your lehengas and gives your lehenga a very regal saree look.

We start off by pinning one side of the dupatta on the shoulder, and the other side is tucked in or pinned at the waist of your lehenga.

The Free Flowing Dupatta Over The Head Style

If you’re a bride and have been looking for ways to style your magnificent dupatta, the answer may be simpler than you think. A classic free-flowing dupatta over your head may be the perfect way to go.

It ensures that the dupatta doesn’t hide your beautiful lehenga or the gorgeous jewelry you’re planning to wear.

The Over Head Dupatta Held by Hand Style

In case you’ve decided to wear a dupatta that’s full of embroidery and work, it may not be a good idea for you to leave it free-flowing on the back. In such an outfit, you can have your dupatta places on your head, and hold it by hand, just to make sure, the dupatta is secure and this also makes sure you can show off your exquisite dupatta a little more!

The Double Dupatta Style

If you’re feeling ambitious, and do feel that you can accent your outfit, with another dupatta, here’s your way to do it.

Style your first dupatta simply like your saree with your lehenga, and use the second more glorious dupatta over your head to complete your bridal look.

The Double Dupatta Part 2

Another quick tweak that you can make to your double dupatta style is, if you aren’t feeling the simple saree style drape, then you can change it into a Gujarati style reverse drape, with a classic dupatta over your head. Perfect for looking extra traditional!

Lastly, here’s another thing you need to know about dupatta styling, is that it’s anything you like it to be.

Our traditional outfits have given us a beautiful accessory that we can style however we like, play around with it, and find out what suits us best!