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Everything you need to get ready for valentines

Everything you need to get ready for valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and as we all know, it’s one of the most special days of the year when couples celebrate and cherish their love together.

Now, we do believe that love should be embraced and cherished every single day, but there’s no harm in showing an extra bit of pampering and affection for a day to make your partner feel special.

Especially for girls, Valentine’s Day is, in fact, an occasion where you can be your sultry best and show your love towards your partner.

So to get you prepped for the big day, we’re listing down everything you need, to get ready for Valentine’s 2020.

- Get a Fresh blowout

Nothing makes a girl feel her absolute best more than a fresh blowout.

Give your hair a little pizazz and get ready to flick your hair around like the diva that you are.

- Get a cleansing facial

Valentine’s Day is about glowing from inside out. While your internal glow will be managed by looking at your man's beautiful eyes, your external glow can take a little help from a good classic cleansing facial.

- Find your perfect tone of red

You obviously know that you’ll be wearing a red outfit, however, what people often forget is that one universal tone, cannot be flattering on every single person. Based on whether your skin has warm or cool undertones, you can pick a fierier or more blue-toned red color to flatter yourself.

However, here’s a pick from Benzer, which is a neutral red tone and would suit most.

- Choose your Shoes

Throw stereotypes out the window, that push women into high heeled feet hurting monsters. If you want to have a good time with your man, it’s very important that you’re relaxed and comfortable. So if you’re a high heeled girl, then go for it, however, if you’re a sneaker lover, no need to ditch your love this valentine.


- Plan something special for him

Talking about stereotypes, we feel valentines is one of the major days where stereotypes are on its peak. “A man must ask you out on a date, he must take you for dinner, he must bring flowers and the list of stereotypes goes on and on.

However, if it’s a day of expressing love, why do you have to hold back?

Plan a small surprise for him, be the one that gets him chocolate. Trust us, it would make everything more special.

We hope you loved our take on Valentine's essentials, tap on the tab below to read more blogs from Benzer.