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Fashion Trends 2019 – The Menswear Edition

Fashion Trends 2019 – The Menswear Edition

Indian traditional wear is something that everyone has in their wardrobe. From kurtas to sherwanis, Indian wear holds importance in every man’s wardrobe. There are ways you can incorporate Indian ethnic in your everyday wardrobe. If you are the kind who has their kurta tucked away in a pile of shirts, here are the fashion trends for the year 2019 that will help you strengthen your Indian Wear game.

Cowl Kurta with Bandgala Jacket:

Luxury Indian wear has taken a creative turn this 2019. Gone are the straight cut kurta days. You can now add oomph to your desi look by wearing a cowl style kurta. The hemline is usually in a cowl style with an asymmetric line, which gives it a trendy vibe. You can further elevate this look by layering a bandgala jacket with it. It makes a dapper Indo-Western look.

Floral Attire

Experiment and step out of your comfort zone by trying florals which you can incorporate in various ways. Florals make a man look fashion forward and dapper.  If you are starting out, try wearing only a hint of it like wearing a kurta with a floral print on the cuff. Once you’ve fallen in love with the design, graduate to a floral kurta or a floral bandgala sherwani.

Jodhpuri with Detachable Stole

Jodhpuri suits are, by itself, a fashion statement. However, adding a stole makes the outfit even more regal. You can style the detachable stole in a cowl style around the shoulder or attach it to the waist and basically, create a new look each time. You can also change the color of the stole by going for a brighter colored one if the occasion is semi-formal.

Mixing Fabrics And Textures

Silk and velvet are two fabrics that are ruling luxury fashion this season. You can achieve an imperial look by mixing these fabrics in your attire. You can wear a silk kurta and layer it with a velvet jacket. You can also add velvet elements to your silk sherwani by adding velvet piping. For rich fabrics like silk and velvet, always choose deep jewel colors like royal blue, burgundy and emerald green.

So these were some Indian wear trends for 2019 that you can incorporate into your look. Which look was your favorite? Do let us know on our Facebook page.