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Guide to choose the perfect attire for your Bridesmaids!

Guide to choose the perfect attire for your Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids are staples at western weddings. However, with modern times, more and more. Indian weddings have embraced the concept of bridesmaids in the form of ‘friends’ of the bride. If the bride is the Queen, the bridesmaids, by default, are her trusted companions. Choosing a dress in which your best girls will be comfortable and happy, while sticking to your own style and vision is surely a difficult task. To help you make the correct choice for your best girls, we have got the perfect guide to help you beautiful brides, in choosing the perfect theme for your bridesmaids’ dress!

Cocktail night

The cocktail night, just like a rehearsal dinner, is an important evening to socialize with the extended family and enjoy some dance and music. A gown with a classic combination of charcoal grey and blue can be the perfect theme for your bridesmaids to feel comfortable, yet chic. Pairing this gown with statement jewelry is sure to make statements and give your bridesmaids a classy appearance at your cocktail party.

Wedding Ceremony

While you grab the centre of attention and enjoy your share of pampering on your special ceremony, opt for an eclectic color palette doused in the glorious colors of happiness and warmth for your bridesmaid. The ghagras are sure to give your best girls a captivating look. These graceful silhouettes do not need elaborate jewelry to match with it. A pair of beautiful earrings and bracelets is enough to complete their ethnic avatar for the ceremony.

Wedding Reception

While there is no set dress code as such for the guests attending the wedding reception, this last function is surely a gala affair replete with pomp, show and colour. We would advise you to opt for this radiant combination of blue or pink to help your special ladies look gorgeous and get appreciative nods from onlookers. When choosing a colour for your bridesmaids’ dress, make sure that you do not blend in with your ladies as it’s your day to shine and stand out, so your bridesmaids’ dresses should complement, not, match your wedding dress.

Indian weddings are a celebration of colour and style. Follow our guide to wedding essentials for your best girls and we’re sure that you will cherish all the memories with your pictures that will bear testimony to all the fun you had!