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Homemade face masks, that can transform your skin!

Homemade face masks, that can transform your skin!

We’re all currently at home, we’ve tried cooking, reorganizing our closet, following our favorite YouTubers makeup tutorial, and working out to our peppy playlist. And now we’re wondering what else to do?

Well, it’s kind of difficult to keep yourself busy and occupied in a time where we, well, have so much time.

Most of us are wondering and fetching for new apps to engage in, new webinars to attend, etc, etc.

While we think all of these things are a great way of keeping yourself busy, we think the best way to utilize this time, is to give some love and care to yourself.

Remember all those beauty magazine articles that you read for having great skin and home, and never got around to trying it?

Now that we’re denied our salon and spa services, why don’t we give ourselves our own little mini spa treatment at home every day?

Here are 5, super easy DIY masks that would help you transform your skin, with ingredients you can find in your kitchen!

1. Lemon and Honey face pack

This pack is amazing for clearing up the excess oil on your skin, and making your skin glow, and tightening your pores.

Just mix equal parts honey and lemon, and add one egg white to it. Bring it to a gel consistency and apply evenly on the face, let it dry on your face for 15-20 mins, and then wash off with warm water.

2. Tomato purée mask

This is a one ingredient simple mask, perfect to remove any tan from your face or body, or to clear pigmentation.

Peel a tomato carefully, as much as you can, and grind the pulp and outer cover of the tomato together. Bring it to a pasty consistency and apply it on the area that you want to treat.

3. Rice flour and Milk mask

The rice flour and milk mask is a mask that instantly brightens dull and lifeless skin. It’s known to quickly give you a brighter looking skin.

Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with some milk, and bring it to a thick pasty consistency. Apply all over the face, avoiding the eye area.

4. Rosewater and Sandalwood mask

If you have a problem with sweating a lot and forgetting to sip on water, here’s what your skin needs.

Mix sandalwood with rose water and apply on your skin once every week. This will soothe your skin and will also help in de-tanning.

5. Oats, Almond oil mask

Oats are a great exfoliator as it de-tans the skin in the process. Almond oil moisturizes the skin and leaves it hydrated. This pack works excellent for dry skin.

Mix together a spoonful of oats with a teaspoon of almond oil. Add some yogurt to the mixture to bring it together and apply all over the face.

We hope you try our DIY face masks, that everyone at the Benzer office is currently loving.