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How to get your perfect fit when shopping online

How to get your perfect fit when shopping online

With everything going digital, online shopping is one of the biggest perks we have in today’s day and age. A decade ago, we would never have thought that we could pick, customize, order, and have an outfit delivered to our doorsteps with just a click.

However, with modern technology comes a few margins of errors that we must overcome. Like it’s always said, ‘Modern problems require modern solutions’

One of the biggest issues when ordering clothes online is whether or not the products will fit as we want to.
Ordering the correct size is the key to making a blissful online purchase. The color of the outfit is also another factor that customers are often confused by.

So with the help of the Benzer design team, we’ve curated a guide to help you pick the right outfit without having to go through any return/exchange hassle.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when shopping online.

1. Check their size chart

Oftentimes, people are aware that they are a size Medium or a Size small in most store outlets. However, it must be kept in mind that many different clothing outlets have many different sizing systems. Make sure to check the sizing chart before picking the size you want.

Women's size chart

Men's size chart

2. Always have your updated measurements

When ordering more intricate and relatively fitted clothes online, do not rely to your previous purchase sizing. Make sure before you check the size chart and pick a size for yourself, you’ve recently measured yourself so that the margin of error is reduced. You would be surprised how much our body changes inches wise every now and then.

3. Remember that images differ from monitor to monitor

When shopping online, keep in mind that every product image uploaded on the website may look different on different screens. Though the goal is to keep the images as close to the actual outfit as possible, the digital platform tends to change the hue of the outfits ever so slightly.

The key tip to deal with this: It’s mostly a tad bit brighter on screens.

4. Know your body type

It is very important to make sure you know your body type before opting for a particular outfit. The model wearing an outfit may tend to have the same height/weight as you, however, the sizes can be very different based on your body type.

Know your body type, and pick clothes accordingly.

5. Always check the return policy.

When shopping online, it is very important to have quick and effective return policies that safeguard the interest of the customer.

Benzer has an extremely efficient and quick return policy, the benefits of which can be used easily by our customers.

However, whichever website you’re shopping on, always make sure they have a return policy in place.

So these were our 5 golden online shopping pointers that will make sure you end up with an outfit that you love, every single time!