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Makeup hacks that will save your day!

Makeup hacks that will save your day!

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had days when our makeup turned out perfect, but one little mistake ends up messing up our entire look.

But fear not. Unequal winged liner and mascara on your eyelid are very common problems faced by all the women out there.

And there are easy solutions for mess-ups like this that can make them disappear like they never happened.

So for you to have flawless makeup every single time, here are some makeup hacks that are going to come in super handy if you want to master your makeup application!

1. Make your lipstick last longer

We all have that one shade of lipstick that we absolutely love, but that’s not the right texture.
If you also are a girl that doesn’t have much time for touch-ups, here’s a quick hack that will make your lipstick last much longer.

Apply your lipstick and then hold a tissue paper to your lips. Brush translucent powder through the tissue.

Voila, you have beautiful long-lasting matte lips.

2. # your way to smoky eyes

If you’re scared of trying a smokey eye look thinking you’ll turn into a panda bear, then this hack will come in really handy for you.

Draw a # sign with your shadow pencil or kohl in the corner of your eye, and smudge your way in.
This makes sure that the concentration of the pigment remains on the outer wing of your eye.

3. No more Glue Gump

False Eyelashes are the most beautiful, where they are the most natural. However most of the time, with the amount of glue we apply on it, the dried glue clearly shows on our eyelid making it look chunky and unnatural.

Use the edge of a bobby pin instead to apply the glue, which will ensure that only an essential amount of glue goes on the eyelash band.

4. Bye Mascara massacre

No matter how much we try, we’ve stabbed ourselves in the, and despite trying a lot, more often than not, our mascara ends up on our eyelids and under eyes.

A quick way to stop that from happening is using a spoon as a shield for the same. It’s a trick many famous makeup artists swear by.

5. Intensify your eyeshadow

Don’t you hate it how sometimes Eyeshadows look so different in the pan and so different on your eye?

There’s a very simple way to increase the pigmentation of your shadow. Simply add a white base colour to your eyelids, and lay the next colour over it.

The colour will pop much more!

6. The correct way to put concealer

Add your concealer under your eye in a triangle shape, coming up to your cheek. Just adding concealer to the hollows of your under-eye can emphasise your dark circles!

We hope you enjoyed these hacks and here’s to no more makeup mishaps