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Summer Fashion Trends for the Dapper Groom

Summer Fashion Trends for the Dapper Groom

When it comes to weddings, most of the attention quite often revolves around the bride, and rightly so! But that does not mean the groom is to be sidelined altogether. The groom must look the part and stand out from the crowd. While men in the west are usually restricted to Suits and Tuxedos, Indians can have the best of both worlds in that regard. With an array of colors, styles, fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

So here are 4 tried and tested trends, that will surely make you look dapper and turn a few heads on your big day.

Jodhpuri Suit

The Jodhpuri suit is traditional wedding attire that finds its origins in Rajasthan. The stand-up collar is a distinguishing part of this garment. Jodhpuri suits emanate royalty. Tended with a traditional touch to bring out the prince in you, Jodhpuris are breathtakingly imperial. They are the perfect blend of Indian and Western wear. A western-style jacket with Indian style embroidery on the sleeves and collars, a jodhpuri suit will add a different aspect to your look.

Pair your Jodhpuri Suit with a pocket square, contrasting trousers, and leather shoes for the perfect wedding look.

Churidar Kurta

The Churidar Kurta is a simple yet elegant choice for wedding attire. The term Churidar was coined after the ‘churis’ (creases) that are formed below the knees. Churidar Kurtas are an inevitable part of traditional Indian clothing for men. Silk kurtas embellished with embroidery work give your look the much-needed richness. Add a layer by wearing an ethnic Nehru Jacket for an impeccable look.You can either go for churidars of the same color as your kurta or select a contrasting color if you want to go for a more contemporary look. Couple your Churidar Kurta with a pair of embroidered silk mojaris to complete the look. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, a Churidar Kurta is a safe bet for any wedding.


The origin of the Sherwani can be traced back to 19th century British India as the dress of the nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty. Over time it has become a classic tried and tested outfit for Indian weddings. With a variety of exquisite colors, fabric, and styling options, the Sherwani is a groom’s best friend. It can help you get the debonair look while maintaining your traditional aura. Pair your Sherwani with silk embroidered mojaris, silk turban, and a pearl mala for the perfect ensemble.

Suits & Tuxedo

A Suit is a timeless piece of wedding attire. A suit will let you mix and match colors according to your preference and at the same time, give you the cutting edge that you deserve on your special day. No matter the choice, a well-fitted suit or tuxedo comes with the unfailing assurance of accentuating your personality. Let’s face it, the rising mercury levels are no one’s best friend. Soaring temperatures make everyone move towards cotton or a linen suit. While these materials are always in trend, wool is still the best fabric of choice for suits, contrary to popular belief. Because it is a natural fiber, a light woolen fabric breathes and can help keep you cool in the summers even as the mercury begins to rise. However, that’s not the only advantage that this material offers. Wool doesn’t wrinkle like linen and cotton; it doesn’t hold odors either since it allows sweat to evaporate quickly. And also, a woolen suit will let you pay more attention to your gorgeous to-be wife rather than worrying over the look of your suit. Complete this look with a pair of leather oxfords.

So these are the trends to give you a dapper look for your big date. Feel free to add your own style by adding accessories to your outfit and elevate your status from elementary to regal. 

Which look would you go for? Do let us know in our comments section below.