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The Amalgamation (Culture + Fashion)

The Amalgamation (Culture + Fashion)

INDIA HAS A VERY RICH CULTURE. and we’re all so proud of it!

Our culture is what makes us, our culture has brought in beauty in various forms of our life and given birth to the sheer artistic nature of Indian clothing being admired all over the world.

The globally connected India today is adopting and embracing western culture more and more. However, when we need to shine and make a statement on a traditional occasion, we come back to our roots and drape ourselves in outfits that represent our culture and heritage. Being a prime source of shaping Indian fashion our culture today is ready to let in foreign influences.

A dedicated specialty store for highly tasteful Indian outfits, at Benzer our goal is always, to bring culture and heritage to you, with a pretty cherry on top - we want to bring it to you, in the most fashionable way possible.

The balance is crucial when designing an ethnic outfit, that represents Indian culture, and for it to be fit and in vogue for a modern individual to enjoy wearing and be admired.

This bliss point is what we call ‘The Amalgamation’

And now that we’re here, talking about the beautiful matrimony of culture with fashion, here are our top 5 outfits that represent an amalgamation of culture and fashion at its best!

Corset saree with ruffle borders

Corseting has been a craft that’s been practiced for centuries now. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that corsets are as complex and technical as fashion can be.

Incorporating the classic fashion statement of a corset, into a cultural outfit like a saree, is what we define as the best of both worlds.

Blue low back Anarkali

When creating an outfit for a modern woman, the most important aspect is to keep the cultural elements of an outfit intact, while adding an accent that allows a woman to celebrate her beauty.
This Anarkali is a silhouette cut in the traditional Anarkali style, with the addition of a low cut back, for confident women who celebrate and appreciate their gorgeous selves!

Grey Tulle layered gown

This gown appears to look extremely high fashion and stylish, however, the core of this gown, has a lot of cultural accents filled in it.

The gown is beaded and hand-embroidered with zari all over the torso to give it a regal and glorious look.

Blue midnight gown

Inspired by the beautiful works of the night sky, this gown is like a galaxy captured on fabric.

Cut with a classic fashion-forward A-line gown Silhouette, this gown is also embellished with pearls and sequins by hand, a very important form of karigari in our culture, to make you feel close to your roots.

Suneheri Digital Print Saree

Digital prints are the future of fashion. The possibilities of creating designs and prints with a digital medium are endless, the biggest fashion houses in the world are applying this medium to create abstract art on fabric.

And we wanted to use this modern technique on a very traditional outfit.

This gorgeous saree is the outcome of just that!

There are a plethora of fashion options to play around with, we just need to go to the right place who can incorporate our cultural richness with global nuances and that’s the best amalgamation that can ever happen!