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The Perfect Sherwani Guide

The Perfect Sherwani Guide

While we’ve discussed the latest trends in women’s ethnic wear in our previous posts, this time it is all about the men! Menswear fashion has evolved over time with more and more men experimenting with fashion these days. The modern man is not content with the same old style options available and has become considerably fashion conscious. To make a statement, it’s extremely important to pull off an impeccable look, especially on special occasions.

While the sherwani has always been a classic option for grooms, this elegant outfit is not just limited to weddings. The outfit, with its mix of tradition and regality, is the ideal choice for any important, festive occasion. However, with so many options and styles available, the entire process can seem daunting and it is easy to get confused. To help you find that perfect outfit, we’ve put together this Sherwani Guide.

The first step is to zero down on the fabric. Sherwanis can be found in an array of materials, ranging from high-quality cotton to opulent velvet, but the one fabric that never fails to impress is silk. Silk can give any outfit a classy and royal look. The fabric choice is especially important for a groom. As all eyes are bound to be on you, make sure your fabric of choice compliments your bride’s heavy lehenga.


While this tip seems obvious, you would be surprised at how many people get this one wrong. The wrong fit can completely ruin your look. It distorts your appearance and can make you look stout. Not only that, an ill-fitted sherwani also feels extremely uncomfortable. Our solution would be to try on multiple options till you find the fit that suits you the best. Opt for simpler silhouettes if you have a bigger build and embellishments like padded shoulders if you are slim.


Next comes colour. While the most popular choices are white and beige, we believe experimentation is key! Today, contemporary sherwanis come in vibrant as well as pastel shades like yellow, ivory and light green. If you are not feeling too bold, how about styling a darker shade like maroon or even black? However, be careful that your sherwani color does not clash with your bride’s outfit.


It’s a festive occasion, so don’t forget to have some fun! Ditch the plain and boring and opt for an enticingly patterned sherwani. Intricately detailed resham embroidery is perfect for those looking for a simpler pattern. However, if you are feeling adventurous, there are stunning sherwanis available with heavy zardozi work. Pick a style that suits your personal taste and don’t be shy to flaunt those gorgeous designs.


Don’t fret if opulent threadwork is not your cup of tea. You can still flaunt a dashing look by styling a printed sherwani. There are a plethora of options available from traditional motifs to abstract designs and block prints. Once again your build plays an important part in attaining the perfect look. Men with a bigger build should avoid large prints, while slimmer men should stay away from smaller designs.

With that, we round up our guide to finding the perfect sherwani. Think of them as the suits of Indian-wear – putting one on, instead of a kurta, gives the wearer an instant edge.
Keep this guide in mind when you go shop for your next sherwani. These tips promise to help make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable!