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Top 5 clothing items you must have in your wardrobe (MENS EDITION)

Top 5 clothing items you must have in your wardrobe (MENS EDITION)

Yes, that’s right!
We’re breaking down everything you need in your wardrobe!

Men are assumed to be more simple and subtle when it comes to fashion, however with our decades of experience in the fashion field, we know a lot of men that can beat the most stylish women when it comes to fashion.

What we want to establish by saying this, is that men care about fashion and styling just as much as women do. And they also have the same amount of dilemma and confusion while making their purchases and choosing what to buy.

We have several blogs all over the Internet talking about every essential a woman needs, but not so many for the men out there. Especially when it comes to desi men, no one tells them what ethnics they should always have in their wardrobe to be a real regal king!

So we’re taking it upon ourselves to give all the men out there a list of the 5 wardrobe must-haves in every desi guys wardrobe.
Here you go...

1. A well fitted black shirt

Think of it as the male version of the LBD. It’s classic, it’s as formal as it is casual, it’s versatile and goes with almost any bottom and lastly, it suits everyone and makes them look absolutely dashing!
Should we give any more reasons?

2. A classic white shirt

Now we know, a few people may think it’s very boring and mundane, but trust us, there is so much you can do with a classic crisp white shirt. You can play it up or down just as you like. Pair it with a funky bottom to play up, pair it with a beige trouser to go the formal route. It’s extremely multipurpose.

3. A basic kurta pajama in a soft color

Why is this essential in your wardrobe? Well if you’re a true desi boy, I am sure you are aware of the innumerable celebrations/functions you are invited to all through the year.
Well instead of making excuses to skip these celebrations or functions, it’s better to just indulge in a simple soft color kurta pajama to wear at all traditional gatherings!

4. 3 different pairs of jeans.

Yes, every man must have at least 3 different pairs of jeans, in 3 different shades.
A light blue,
A dark blue
A true blue
These 3 pairs of jeans can get you through a lot of days! Trust us.

5. A black Jacket/Zipper/hoodie

A black jacket can basically bring together any look and make you look a lot more dapper.
Adding a jacket shows the efforts you may have taken without really having tried hard or taking an extra effort to dress up!
It makes you look chic, handsome, and stylish. Finish off your basic casual everyday looks with a cool jacket and you’re good to go!

Let us know if you found this blog helpful, and feel free to email us about what you’d like to read about next.

We’re always here to help you with your fashion and styling queries!

Team Benzer!