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Unique Saree Draping Styles

Unique Saree Draping Styles

Don’t we all love our sarees; those 6 yards of finery that warp you into a beautiful prodigy? It’s so wondrous the way every saree is weaved, draped and pinned to perfection. And what makes it even more astonishing is that the draping of a saree in India differs from region to region whereby each state/community has its own way of draping their heirloom pieces. That however, doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with your draping skills. A drape can entirely change the look of your saree – the brocade saree that you once draped the conventional pleated back pallu way can look absolutely different when draped in a front pallu style. It’s time to move from the conventional draping style and follow these draping techniques for your next saree.


Front Pallu Style:

This drape, when the pallu is usually on the front side with one end tucked near the hip is also called the Gujarati drape. This drape will work with georgette and chiffon sarees, something which is light and flowy. You can also use your pretty patola sarees and show off the intricate work on the border with this drape style.

Double Wrapped Pallu:

This style usually has two wide pleats and the pallu is kept longer with a key ring attached to one end. The double wrap effect is when the pallu is brought forward from the back and then flipped back again, making a circular drape on one side of the shoulder. The key ring adds weight and keeps the pallu from falling. This drape style represents the Bengali saree. The best material to use for this drape is cotton or handloom sarees, which will flaunt the border beautifully.

Lehenga Saree Drape:

This is a modern take on the regular Nivi style drape. Here, the saree is draped like a skirt, with fewer pleats in the front. You can choose the pallu fall. It can either fall in the back or front depending on the work of your saree. This style has been popularised by Bollywood actresses, making it a trendy and an unconventional way to drape your saree.

Open Pallu Style:

This is one of the easiest drapes and pallu styles. The saree is draped as usual around the waist and the pallu is kept open from one end without any pleats. This creates a modern flowy look to your saree. This style will work wonders for chiffon sarees with stone work.

Experiment and try out all the drapes mentioned to get your saree draping skills stronger!