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Weaves of India ( A dive into India’s rich and varied heritage)

Weaves of India ( A dive into India’s rich and varied heritage)

India has been the epicenter for a few of the oldest civilizations in the world. Hence, it is not an exaggeration to say that Indians have been weaving fabric, as long as history can date back. 

With India being very resourceful and full of natural beauty, our landscapes and regions have always provided us with a canvas full of colors. With these natural colors acquired from nature, fabrics were dyed and that brought together, this colorful, rich heritage that we hold so dear to our heart and take pride in today.

Over the years, with the diverse geography of the country, every area weaved a beauty, that best represented their culture, was apt for their climate and enhanced the tradition of India, as a whole.

If we go in-depth, with every single fabric style that’s woven in our country, this article would never see its end.

Hence, if you’re someone who’s interested in collecting beautiful Indian weaves, and are exploring all the weaves available,

We’re listing the top 5 weaves of India that you MUST have in your wardrobe.


A double ikat woven fabric, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The word patola is the plural form; the singular is patola. They are very expensive, once worn only by those belonging to royal and aristocratic families. Patola-weaving is a closely guarded family tradition. There are three families in Patan that weave these highly prized double ikat saris.

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Kanchipuram Silk is a type of silk saree made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. These sarees are worn as bridal & special occasion sarees by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by the Government of India.

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A fine type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎ / pašmina, meaning "made from wool". Pashmina came to be known as 'cashmere' in the West because Europeans first encountered this fiber in Kashmir.

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Chanderi silk

are produced from three kinds of fabric: pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton. .The fabric is among the finest in India and is known for its gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk, and opulent embroidery.

Made originally by the silk artisans of Madhya Pradesh, this silk variation is loved by the country.

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A variety of fabric named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad Maharashtra state where the saree was first handmade.

Handmade by the skillful artists of present-day Yeola town in Nashik, Paithani is one of Maharashtra’s most cherished creations. Made from very fine silk, it is considered as one of the most expensive saris in India.

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Here are our TOP 5 Indians weaves, that will make your wardrobe rich and varied.

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