Benzer men’s wear collection

Benzer men’s wear collection

Men usually don’t have as many varieties of clothing as compared to women, but they do have the style to slay the vibe of whatever they own. Men generally go for attires which are not time-consuming, are of good quality and have a crisp look that can boast their aura in any environment.

This blog is entirely based on men’s routine wear whether it be an occasion, outing or vacationing, we have it all down for you!

Formal shirts

The most elegant and up to the mark attire is a Formalwear. It glorifies one’s personality efficiently. Wearing a dark-colored trouser paired with buttoned-up light color shirt gives a flare of a strong person. Complimenting the attire with accessories is of utter important, slip on a pair of formal shoes, a proper belt that connects the attire as a whole, complemented with a watch and you’re ready for the day! Men’s fashion is straightforward and collective therefore, grooming with confidence is very important.

Kurti Shirts

Have a pooja to attend? Or a general function? Let’s be clear, you can’t wear casuals because it will look really worn out and a sherwani will overdo it. For times like these, we have Kurti shirts for you. Simple yet perfect for small occasions which makes you look dapper and on-point. Kurti shirts give an earthy vibe and approachable essence. It is lightweight, made of cotton or linen material which saves the trouble of wearing heavy embroidered sherwani on a casual occasion. Here is the most amazing part, you can pair it with kurta pajama and also jeans! Compliment it with Kolhapuri chappals, leather sandals and shoes to complete the look.

Casual Shirts

Comfortable and stylish, these words define casual shirts from Benzer. Most young men prefer these casual shirts for their routine because they make you look cool and snazzy! Perfect wear for evening parties, gatherings or cocktails which radiances a chill vibe and vibrates strings of confidence!

Benzer offers the best men and women wear which are opulent and classy. Give it a glance at