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We have the most fun when we live on the edge; when we step away from the comfort of the center.

The Edge is putting the light on that edge.

Hand Crafted by our master artisans in cedarwood with the candle slot on the edge, adds drama to this beautiful piece.

These candle stands are carefully processed with use of natural materials, making each of them a unique piece of candle holders.

A perfect tabletop piece to be placed as a stand-alone or amidst a cluster of delicate photo frames of figurines.

Candleholders make for interesting pieces to cheer up dull corners in your homes, allowing for you to make each space lively and inviting.

Placing scented candles around the house allows for a sweet smell to always remain in the space and also a quick way to set the mood during get-togethers or some romantic time alone.

Candles are increasingly gaining importance, especially when it's about home decor.

They create gorgeous essence and can create a change in the look of a space within seconds or when you are in a mood for a romantic dinner candle bring in the magic.

But, if you get the perfect ones, their fragrance is like heaven.

No matter wherein you use candles, they will end up in creating becoming and warmer surroundings not only for your guests, but also for you.

Cluster them accordingly to their shape, size, colours, scents, and everything else; get some stylish and metallic candles holders.

Benzerworld firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor may be significantly different as compared to the actual home decor ordered.