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Silk Saree Bag
Silk Saree Bag Silk Saree Bag Silk Saree Bag


green brocade silk pouch

green brocade silk pouch

Silk Saree Bag

₹ 350.00
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  • Material : Silk
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  • Total Weight : 1.00 Kgs

These Saree bags are made of assorted brocade fabric and are suitable to safeguard your sarees.

One of the sides is covered with plastic so that one can see inside without having to open the bag.

The bags come in assorted colors in brocade material with different designs, and its dimensions are 16 x 7 x 3 inches.

Disclaimer: Color of the bag available at the time of sale might differ from the one shown in the picture. Customers are advised to email us their preferred color.

Benzerworld firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor may be significantly different as compared to the actual accessories ordered.

Store it in the bag cover provided.

Avoid storing sharp objects, which may cause damage to pull delicate satin, braiding and other trim materials.

To ensure bags maintain their shape, potlis, in particular, should be stuffed with the paper-like material when they are not used.

On metal bags, wipe spills as soon as possible with a clean damp cloth.

Avoid abrasive polishes and jewelry cleaners that can permanently dull your designer bag's shine!

Also, do not use cleaners or other polishing agents that may tarnish your bags sparkle and corrode glues and adhesives.